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Simone Maccarrone - dancer teacher, performer, and choreographer- was born in Catania, Sicily (IT) on January 15th. His parents said, "Even before he could walk, Simone was crawling up to the home stereo, turned it on, and began dancing, entertaining all of us." His career began around the age of 10 when a fortuitous coincidence found him watching Michael Jackson's videos, and it was from this coincidence that he passionately decided to put himself into the world of dance.

He dedicated himself to studying Latin American, Standard, and Italian Ballroom dances. Drawing inspiration from his idol, Simone staged one of his favorite Michael Jackson videos at age 11- Billie Jean (one of MJ's first solo videos). But this was not enough, as he wanted his own show. He was also inspired by Smooth Criminal, another MJ video, and so he created a different show. He made the choreography for more than 50 children between the ages of 6 and 15 years old and finished the performance with the final Mambo famously known from the movie Dirty Dancing.

His choreographic works reached audiences around Catania with great success, especially due to the young talents that were dancing in these shows, including Simone himself.

His studies continued for another five years, until 2001 when almost by accident, he found himself in a Caribbean Dance Party. Fascinated by the sinuous movements that he saw and from the "looping arm movements," as Simone remembers, he decided to expand his knowledge towards these different disciplines.

Simone began this new journey in late February of 2001, and after only two months, he won his first regional championship with great satisfaction. One year later, he joined a dance company called "Puerto Rico's Dancers," directed by Mirko Stefio. As a member of this company, Simone went on tour and was exposed to many world congresses in different cities around the globe, including San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he ended up winning third place at the World Salsa Open competition in 2003. 

With perseverance, dedication, and the spirit of sacrifice, Simone continued his training with numerous private lessons from nationally and internationally renowned coaches. In 2004, he won second place in the world championship of Street Mambo, and in November of 2005, after a grueling competition, he won the title of world champion of multi-Caribbean dances in Palermo, Italy. His success continued in 2005 when he won the Italian Cup Circuit in Perugia, Italy. Soon after he decided to start his own business, opening a new studio in Aci Bonaccorsi, called "El Cubil". 

In 2012 Simone decided to integrate fitness into his teaching through Zumba Fitness and Tai Chi. Using these techniques, he created his own fitness style that reinvented his lessons, creating an "outburst" of a dynamic explosion that was suitable for everyone.

In 2013 he decided to challenge himself with new opportunities and moved to the United States. After a short period of time, he began teaching in his new surroundings; he started teaching at Planet Ballroom studio in 2014. It was here that Simone was the first studio introduced to the American Style of ballroom dancing. Later in 2015, he decided to join Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta, starting a new personal path of growth. In the summer of the same year, Simone competed in the Novice division of the Southern Challenge dance competition and won first place.
In 2017 he begins teaching independently, preparing students of all ages for Social and Competitive Style.

In addition to his devotion to teaching, Simone continues his dance training, constantly advancing his skills.


Simone Maccarrone

Dancer teacher, performer and choreographer

+1 (404) 333 1458


...when movements become Art

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